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New Bible Study: Ecclesiastes. How to Find Meaning in a Meaningless Life

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

By Thrive Bible Study of CRAVE Church

At THRIVE we are now studying "Ecclesiastes" started 19 July 2022 based on the book E(eek)cclesiastes: Finding Meaning in a Meaningless Life by Joyce H. Hondru.

Find this book in digital format at:

We have all struggled with the meaning of life. Consider walking through this book as we try to unravel what that meaning might be – together!

We will study in morsels, read some stories, check some Bible verses, each of you will be given chances to express what you think about the stories, verses, understanding & how those relevant to your experiences.

Jesus/ Christianity is about of Words became Flesh not Words became Text. We invite you to explore Bible & not like how you learn textbooks & cramping regulations/ formulations into your brain.

Thrive is the Tuesday night Bible Study of Crave Church by Rev Karl Hand, which starts at 7.30pm via Zoom Online Meeting. The Zoom Room opens at 7.15pm.

For more details/ to join please contact 0425-220-635 or

Rev. Karl Hand of CRAVE MCC/ CRAVE Church

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