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In this section you will find projects that MCC Sydney support also companies and people who support us which we would like to introduce you to.

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We are proud to be a member of the Welcome Here project.

The Welcome Here Project is the companion to the Safe Place Project. The Safe Place Project started over 20 years ago in response to high levels of street-based violence directed at Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) people. Local businesses signed up to become a 'Safe Pace' and put a sign on their premises to let LGBTQI community members know they could seek refuge if they were under the threat of violence.

The success of the Safe Place Project led to a reduction of street-based violence, though there is still work to be done in this quarter. The Welcome Here Project meets the community from the opposite direction. It has been created to focus on supporting local business owners and organisations in Australia to create and promote environments that are visibly welcoming and inclusive of LGBTQI people. The Welcome Here Project is targeted at all kinds of businesses—local cafes, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, gyms, theatres and cinemas.

Members of the project are known as Welcoming Places, and receive a sticker to display in their window to let everyone know that LGBTQI diversity is welcomed and celebrated within their business.

Get to know the logo of the Welcome Here Project, and support the organisations that support you.

#FollowTheRainbow   #ACONWelcomeHere



MCC Sydney is happy to introduce to you the following people and companies.

Kuro-Obi Martial Arts Kyokushin Karate


Kuro Obi means "Black Belt". Nothing more, nothing less.


Since March 2011, Kuro Obi dojo has offered Martial Arts training to children and adults from across Sydney. Operating from a building adjacent to MCC Sydney's church in Petersham, chief instructor Shihan Shah has enabled many students of Kyokushin karate to achieve one of their most significant high points of personal achievement: attaining a black belt.

When combined with hard training and determination, the skills and philosophies acquired along the way can equip you in many other aspects of your life.

Children greatly benefit from martial arts training. It fosters physical and mental skills and disciplines, increases confidence, provides low impact, whole body exercise, aids balance and coordination, promotes interaction with other children and presents opportunities to have a lot of fun.

Contact Kuro-Obi Martial Arts for more information. And mention you saw them on MCC Sydney's website.

Phone: 0414 777 251


PlanetDwellers Travel Agency


MCC Sydney is happy to promote PlanetDwellers, a proudly gay-owned and operated travel agency, tour operator and events organising company. When MCC Sydney wanted a travel package as a prize for a fundraising event, it was to PlanetDwellers that we turned. We received friendly personal service, loads of advice, lots of common sense, and we came away happy and confident we'd made good decisions.

PlanetDwellers' team has over 20 years experience in travel and tours, and they know some hidden treasures along with all the famous well-trodden routes. While they are specialists in showing off Australia's beautiful places to visitors, they are equally adept at putting together overseas trips and events for the locals.

When you visit PlanetDwellers, tell them MCC Sydney sent you.

Trans Gender Diverse Families Rainbow Fa
Rainbow Families.jpg

Rainbow Families is committed to providing LGBTIQ+ parents all the resources they need to make sure that they and their families thrive.

MCC Sydney is proud to have contributed to the goals of Rainbow Families. Check out their website and their resources page

MCC Welfare Services

MCC Welfare Services Inc.

MCC Welfare Services is passionate about offering inclusive, non-discriminatory support. Seeking assistance can be daunting, especially for those identifying as LGBTQIA. We fully welcome, support and celebrate LGBTQIA+ individuals.  Their current focus is to build social connection while reducing social isolation to ensure that no-one dies lonely.

MCC Welfare Services is proud of their long history of community support in and around New South Wales, having assisted over 3000 people.


MCC Welfare Services began in 1999 following a simple request to Reverend Greg Smith. The request was as follows: “I am an HIV positive man. I suffer from night sweats and I need a double bed. I have been to two well-known benevolent institutions to ask for assistance and they told me, ‘we don’t look after your kind here, try somewhere else.’ Can you help me?” Our answer was “YES.”

MCC Welfare Services
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