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Communion In The Park

What a fabulous idea! What an ideal setting.... just down from our Church building. What an atmosphere amongst the rocks, trees and birds. What a moving and long awaited time for us all. What a beautiful faith-filled group of family gathered together.

Location: Brighton Street Reserve, Brighton St Petersham. ( the little park near church. Not the big park down the end)".

Next Communion: Saturday 24 Oct 2020 at 11am.

Latest Sermon/ Communion In The Park

14 Oct 2020

Today Rev Dale brings his Message with focus on the ‘test’ of Jesus by the religious establishment which is trying to entrap him and have him tossed out.
They ask him about paying taxes to Caesar. If he answers one way or another he will be seen as either religious establishment or as antiRome.
Jesus answers “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and render to God what is God’s”.
We may find ourselves conflicted in our own way today. We have our God in our hearts may we may find there is tension with our current government policies or world injustice.
How do we balance the demands of God and the demands of our secular world. As our world becomes more divided, Jesus reminds us of the vital point... amidst the arrows of societal pressures we must hold onto God in our hearts, of the holy realm, of our mission to go out and spread love and peace in the world. Amen
Hope to see you on Saturday at Communion in the Park Brighton St Reserve, Petersham at 11am
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