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Scheduled Services (Click For Details)​​


10 May 2024

- IDAHOBIT Social Dinner is is now fully booked out!
- Sunday 12th May Easter 7 Mother’s Day. 10am Worship Message by Pastor Sue Palmer from The Open Door Community of Christ.
- Marc Isaac is at the Sydney Comedy Festival May 15th -19th – 9pm open doors.
- May 16th - 10.30am Morning Devotions at Church & FB Stream.
- Sunday 19th May Pentecost.
- May 30th - 10.30am Morning Devotions at Church & FB Stream.
- Saturday June 1st 9.30am to 4pm at the church. Worship Leadership Training.
- Plan now for June 14-16 to be at MCC Aotearoa/Australia Network Gathering @ MCC Sydney Church



Latest AM video:


The morning service is 'traditional', combining elements and worship practices that will be familiar to you if you have participated in Protestant or Catholic church services before. We recite liturgy, read from the bible, hear a sermon, pray, and sing hymns. You may even recognise some of the music performed here from your childhood. At every service you are welcome to join us as we gather around God's table in Communion.

When joining us via Live Stream means you'll need to bring your own bread and juice.

Traditional Service: 10am to 11:15am

followed by social time in our meeting room.


Latest PM video:


This is our contemporary worship service. The music is modern, the worship style is flexible and different aspects of faith and spirituality are explored. This service is a unique blend from many different backgrounds and traditions and is for both young and old!

When we stream online have bread and juice on hand and join our Live Stream.

Contemporary Service: 6:30pm to 8pm

followed by social time in our meeting room.

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