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Being Christian isn't a one-day a week thing. We encourage our members to dig deeper into their faith through mid-week discipleship groups and bible studies.


Be part of a groups or sign up to be part of our next discipleship group.​

We value our community & visitors safety therefore, currently all MCC Sydney's worship services, programs and other events are being conducted Online as required by Australian health authorities. Our sacred place and sanctuary is waiting to welcome us home.


​However, Social Distancing regulations mean most of our small groups are on hold for the time being, at least in person. If a group goes Online, we'll make a note in our Events on this website.

We stream virtual coffee chats called "Cafe Church" to help minimize the isolation that may be felt from social distancing.

Keep informed of the risks associated with Covid-19 and act on information from reliable sources, such as regarding preventive measures. 


MCC Sydney’s BeUpheld Pastoral Care Supervision

(A Stephen Ministry Program)


On the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month from 7pm-9.15pm, our dedicated team of BeUpheld Pastoral Caregivers meet for Supervision sessions with our Senior Pastor.


Each member of our Pastoral Care Team have received over 50 hours of pastoral care training and receive regular ongoing Supervision Sessions. Our Pastoral Care Team are laypeople trained to provide one-to-one quality Christian care. They are not counsellors, but have a different focus in the kind of care they offer.


Our BeUpheld Team have a compassionate heart for those who are hurting. Each Caregiver typically has one care receiver at a time who they meet with once a week to listen, care, pray, encourage, and offer emotional and spiritual support.


This ministry is appropriate for people experiencing a whole range of crises’ including; grief, divorce, a difficult diagnosis, change & transition, hospitalization, physical rehabilitation, long-term care, chronic illness, terminal illness, job loss, spiritual crisis, or other life struggles.

Our BeUpheld team helps to deepen, expand, and extend the caregiving capacity of our church. As a result, our pastoral care team together with our Pastor, can provide ongoing care to more people.


If you or someone you know are in need of this care-giving ministry, or you are interested in becoming a Pastoral Caregiver in our church, please contact for a referral.


MCC Sydney's Café Church and Bible Study

A midweek social coffee time and Bible Study, Wednesdays from 7pm-8.30pm
Join from your computer or mobile device:
Or dial in using your phone to join us audio only: 02 9087 3604 and use Access Code: 518-008-421


MCC Sydney Men's Group


A meeting for men and those who identify as men to come together to talk about life and a monthly discussion group for men to focus on a single powerful question and examine their lives and the impact they can make on the world. It's not a therapy group, nor a self help group, but it draws on the biblical principle that "as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." The group is facilitated and is overseen by a professional, but the group is able to move the conversation from the starting point towards the specifics that arise from the experiences of the participants.

Every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month 7pm-8.30pm.

Join from your computer or mobile device: 
Dial in using your phone to join us audio only: 02 8355 1038 and use Access Code: 631-753-989.

For more information, email


MCC Sydney Women's Group​

Is a weekly group for women and those who identify as women to talk about life and spirituality. It creates a sacred space for learning, growing and being. Using a variety of books as a starting point, the group seeks to draw out timely perspectives of women for the women of our time.

This group gathers every Tuesday Nights 7pm-9pm
Join from your computer or mobile device:
Or dial in using your phone to join us audio only: 02 8355 1038 and use Access Code: 920-536-597

For more information, email


​MCC Sydney Trans Formation's Group


The needs of our Trans siblings, sisters and brothers are catered to in our new group, The Trans Formation. This is a safe and respectful place for Trans folk and Allies to come together in Christ and shape the bonds of their relationship with God and with each other. 

This exciting new group is in its early stages and is building a network resource for use by the group. However, since Social Distancing has placed a hold on gatherings so we might do it Online. For more information about this uplifting group, email or

Our logo is similar to a logo used by 'Gender From The Trenches.' We used the colours of the Trans flag shaped into a rainbow (symbolising God's universal covenant with humanity being inclusive of Trans folk). The butterfly represents a radical transformation into something beautiful, while the sphere represents the whole world, depicted in purple as a reminder of spirituality.



MCC Sydney's Outside The Box


We also have a group that seeks to deepen knowledge and enrich our spiritual life through a study of modern scholarship and archaeological findings, seeking insights into the biblical narrative that are less traditional. If you're the kind of person that can think 'outside the box', this group might be ideal for you. Note: Once the group forms, it runs its course with the same members until the series finishes. However, since Social Distancing has placed a hold on gatherings so we might do it Online. Put your name down on the waitlist, email us at


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MCC Sydney acknowledges and respects the Wangal people of the Eora Nation as the traditional custodians of the land on which we are broadcasting our worship services during isolation. 
We pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging and welcome any First Nations people worshiping with us.

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