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Come To The Table

Unknown Source

10 August 2021 at 2:00:00 am

You don’t need to bring anything to God to be Beloved.⁣⁣
⁣You don’t need to bring unconditional trust.⁣⁣
⁣You don’t need to bring radical obedience.⁣⁣
⁣You’re Beloved when you show up with open hands. You’re Beloved when you don’t have it in you to show up at all.⁣

This is the scary, beautiful mystery of the Table. It’s Love before anything we do or fail to do. It’s Love that doesn’t and never will have any secret conditions or preferences or demands.⁣

Not a lot of us have context for Love that doesn’t want us to perform in exchange for belonging. Some of us worry that this Love doesn’t take our neighbour’s sin seriously so it’s just too dangerous and probably heretical. Some of us are unconsciously angry because now our deadbeat neighbour who showed up at 5PM enters the Kin-dom next to our hardworking religious self, and we use theology to justify that resentment and fear.⁣

Some of us can’t accept ourselves, so how could we trust the judgement of a God who accepts us.⁣

Some of us are scared that, if we accept ourselves, something very bad will happen, and the only safe God is one who needs us to be our Best Self that we’re so relentlessly hating ourselves to try to achieve.⁣


Grace is for you.⁣

Against everything we’ve ever learned the hard way in our families & relationships & churches - grace says, “as you are, you are fully accepted. If you never change, you are fully accepted. If you never heal, you are fully accepted. Your welcome will never be revoked. Your Belovedness is never conditional.”⁣

Grace is yours - no matter how much you failed yesterday & no matter how much you anticipate failing today. If you’re angry, grace is for you. If you’re doubting, grace is for you. If you aren’t sure if you even want to come but your soul aches in ways you don’t have words for - grace is for you.⁣

Your whole self is welcome to this makeshift, cobbled-together, pandemic-times, sacred Table of absurd, endless, unconditional grace.⁣ Your whole self is welcome & your whole self is Beloved.⁣⁣

This is a Table for all who are hungry.⁣⁣
If you are hungry - come.⁣⁣

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