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Update On Christmas Day & Other Worship Services

In keeping with the spirit of the Premier's announcement today, we will be temporarily ceasing live worship services in an effort to reduce the amount of people moving around Greater Sydney and keep our community safe.

Please note that our live Christmas Day Service, along with live services scheduled for December 27, and January 3 will now revert to online. I will review where we are in early January, and keep you updated. Check Events page to find links for Christmas Day Online Service & others.

Thank you again for your patience, and please register below for both our online Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services where we will be able to ring in Christmas singing our favorite carols together from our own homes which we couldn't do if we gathered in person.

May we turn to the story of Jesus' birth now, another story filled with all sorts of roadblocks and disappointments, yet a story that reminds us of God's faithfulness to God's people throughout, and ultimately, a story that gives birth to new hope. May we hold onto that new hope over these chaotic days we live in, and find our hearts comforted by the story of God's love come down to us again.


Rev Dale

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